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Birthday Candy Gift Ideas For Him & For Her & Personalized Birthday Gifts

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Unique and Tasty Personalized Birthday Gifts

Among the birthday gifts waiting for the twins would be a special adventure with Dad. Don created a customized candy tin full of Buttered Popcorn jelly beans for Elise, as he was surprising her with a visit to a drive-In movie theater, something the little movie buff had never experienced. He chose a rectangular birthday candy tin, uploaded a photo of a film clapboard and added the text "Surprise Movie Night for Elise!" This birthday gift for her would be wrapped and waiting in the car on their way to the surprise visit to the drive-in theater.

The last of the twin's birthday gifts from would be a surprise for Benji. One of Don's birthday gift ideas for Benji was an overnight campout at the river, and he wanted a fun treat to give his son that night. He chose a round birthday candy tin and uploaded a picture of a compass to use as the design. For the customized candy, Don chose Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Pudding jelly beans, and added the text "Let's Have S'More Fun!"

These unique birthday gifts he'd designed had Don feeling pretty impressed with himself. Then he noticed that customized candy gifts were even more inexpensive at volume discounts. So he chose more birthday candy gifts for the future, starting with a personalized heart candy tin to give to his wife on her birthday. Next he created candy birthday gifts for his boss, assistant and brother -- and a customized jar of jelly beans for the cousin who introduced him to

Creating the birthday gifts for the twins was easier than ever. And the additional customized candy gifts Don ordered allowed him to put aside any worry about coming up with unique birthday gifts in the near future. He knew the birthday gift ideas of the drive-in and camp-out he created for Elise and Benji would be something they'd always treasure. And they'd have fun birthday candy from to make it even sweeter.
Products 2 - 2 of 2