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By mv7899

from Lake Charles, LA

About Me Simple Tastes, Foodie, Candy lover, Frequent Diner

Perfect For Tucking in Your Purse!



I will give it to a pretty little girl for Valentine's Day or for Christmas. I have a jelly belly machine, like a gumball machine (except it only takes jelly bellies, and has a picture of them on the front), that she likes. When she and her brother come to visit me, I have to go fill up the machine, and get lots of coins for them to earn, so they can eat jelly bellies! They love them, and so do I! The little girl is my granddaughter, and she would love to have a special box of her own like this, to put in her purse or backpack. Her brother would probably want one also, to keep in his room on his dresser...he doesn't want to be "mushy" around his friends. The hearts on the box make it appropriate to give to someone you love as a gift at anytime: birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, any special or even un-special will MAKE the day special!! If it is sold year 'round, it would be nice if the box came in other colors, besides just red and white...then it wouldn't look so much like V-Day leftovers.

By jim

from fort worth,tx

About Me Health Conscious

Great fun and tasty item



Fun to mix up and be creative with new recipes

By Sparkie

from Phoenix, AZ

About Me Frequent Diner, Health Conscious

Wonderfully Delicious!!



I was searching for a special gift for my grand daughter for Valentine's Day. I knew her parents would give her chocolates and flowers. Her friends would give her candy hearts. I knew Summer treasured Jelly Belly beans. I thought, "I wish I could get the treats mailed to her." I went on line and SHA-ZAM I could order them. I had the most wonderful thank you note from Grandma's Sweetie.

By DJ the Mom

from Redding CT

About Me Foodie

A lovely surprise for my sons



Shipped two of these to my sons at college to surprise them for Valentine's Day and they were very happy! Easy to use website, [...] yummy product.

By jroo99

from Doweners Grove

About Me Chef




Dosen't get any better!!!!

By Studmuffin

from Sacramento

About Me Health Conscious

A real Homerun



I purchased this gift for my wife as a Valentine gift, she has only lived in Northern California for about 8 months. This gift assortment was not only lovely and flavorful, it is a real icon of northern California. I plan on taking her on the plant tour in the near future. Yahoo for Jelly Belly

By melinator

from mount sterling, ky

About Me Simple Tastes

excellent and fast



perfect in every way

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