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Reviews of Gummi Bears – 16 oz

Our gummi bears are one of our original candies -- in fact, ours are the first gummi bears that were made in America. These chewy treats come with five different fruit flavors. All Confections by Jelly Belly are certified OU Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

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By Manni

from Boston, MA

About Me Foodie

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Stuck on you...



It's been years since I touched a Gummi Bear. One of the big reasons was that I wasn't sure if the gelatin was Kosher/Halal. Every once in a while I pick up a package of gummi bears just to see the ingredients but they were never clear. So I would put it down dissapointed. To my suprise (right when I was about to give up) I picked up Jelly Belly Gummi Bears package and right in the ingredients it read "Kosher gelatin". At that time I picked up about 10 packs and quickly called friends. I've been a fan for at least a year now. I think the Gummi Bears are a perfect sweetness,color and have the perfect texture for any age.

By Manaray49

from Germantown, MD

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Great Product



So nice to be able to find some Kosher gummi bears. Although a little expensive these were worth it and very tasty. Processing [...] very fast; received gummies faster than expected.

By Cakes

from CA

About Me Simple Tastes

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Yummy Gummis!



Absolutely THE BEST Gummi Bears made. Much better flavor and texture than any other brand.

By Elaneous

from Anderson, IN

About Me Major Sweet Tooth




I like fruity candies so I snack on them in the evenings. The fruit flavors were good on the gummis I got. However, they were stuck together and had a very dry texture and were overly sweet for me. [...]

By Sweet Auntie

from Boston

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth

Fresh & Fruity and too awesome to miss!



My niece craved the gummy bears, so I sent them to her when she got her braces removed!

By blubird

from Boulder, CO

About Me Foodie, Health Conscious

The best gummi bears ever.



I fell in love with these gummi bears years ago. When [...] stopped carrying them in bulk bins, I raised a ruckus. Market Square gummi bears cannot compare.

By Michelle

from Lincoln, RI

About Me Simple Tastes, Love a little sweet daily

I would buy this product again as gifts



Giving them as gifts to secretaries, hostess and friends

By NoriKat

from Wahiawa, HI

About Me Little Lime

Beary Addicting



Love the Gummi Bears. Great flavors, chewy not jaw breaking. Great during those times of the month, but love them anytime. Love the lime flavor, please don't change it to apple, it hard to find a Lime flavored candy that taste good.

By Bird

from Palmyra, Pa

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Will get again



It was a great sweet treat

By Conny

from Orlando, FL

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Gummi Bears



Very good! I would purchase again!!!

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