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Reviews of Blueberry Jelly Beans - 16 oz

Made with blueberry juice from puree, our Blueberry jelly beans are sure to please. Created to put the “blue” in the Red, White and Blue of a Presidential Inauguration, our Blueberry beans give you all of the fruit flavor without the risk of staining your favorite shirt.16 oz re... read more about Blueberry Jelly Beans - 16 oz

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4.3 88
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By EatingPie

from San Diego

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Health Conscious

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

Best Fruit Flavor Yet!



Blueberrry is THE BEST Jelly Belly flavor... and I hate jelly beans. I mean it! Can't stand 'em. Of course, Jelly Belly are in a category by themselves, almost like I can't even consider them Jelly Beans, really. Even with Jelly Belly flavors, I'm hit or miss, and honestly most are misses for me. But the few that I like, I really like. Blueberry is THE flavor for me! I absolutely love it. It's sweet, juicy and has a very natural blueberry flavor. They're not overwhelming like some (many!) Jelly Belly flavors (Apple, Blackberry). Nor are they 'artificial' tasting like some others (Strawberry Jam, Tutti Fruitti). They use real juice when making it, and it tastes like it. It gives it a perfect balance of flavor and sweetness. I simply cannot get enough of this flavor, and basically have a monthly supply on hand. This from the guy that hates jelly beans! If you enjoy fruit flavors, don't hesitate to give these a try. You won't regret it!

By Imhalo2

from Tampa, FL

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

(1 of 2 customers found this review helpful)

Blueberry JBs Rock!



I mIxed blueberry with coconut and blue ice to give to my clients as a way to remember my visit. I put the three flavors in a small drawstring bag and attached my business card to each one! I purposely dropped a few jelly beans while packaging so I could eat some : )

By Linda the Teacher

from St. Louis, Missouri

About Me Simple Tastes

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)

There is a freshness and rich flavor



We use the jelly bellies to represent a person's personality temperment which is expressed in four colors: blue, gold, orange or green. That is why my company orders all four colors.

By The Princess

from Toledo, OH

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

(1 of 1 customer found this review helpful)




Use it to curb cravings between meals, great for work!

By Andie in the kitchen

from Tucson, AZ

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth, Simple Tastes, Foodie

I'm not Blue!



Is there a more perfect bean than the Blueberry Jelly Belly? I think not!


from San Jose, CA

About Me Big Kid




How far does one drive for the DELICIOUS MOUTH WATERING taste of a blueberry Jelly Belly??? ZERO MILES!!! I am ordering online as my local market does not carry the best flavor (IMO) BLUEBERRY!!! The best part of blueberry Jelly Belly... IT LEAVES YOUR TONGUE BLUE!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

By Mom

from Griffin, GA

About Me Health Conscious, Foodie

Leave the Chemicals in the Lab



Taste is different from previous experience of this flavor. Don't know exactly what is different other than has a more chemical, artificial taste

By aaron the chef

from wichita falls texas

About Me Foodie, Major Sweet Tooth

great tbey taste like real blueberries



Great for anytime

By Chris

from Gales Ferry, CT

About Me Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth

Blueberry brightens her smile



My daughter loves blueberry Jelly Bellies. Hard to find in the story and last year I went on the site and found them and she was so excited. Now Christmas wouldnt be the same without them.

By JillyBean

from Chicago, IL

About Me Health Conscious

Awesome for any event especially school



These are great for any event. We used these along with the lemon ones for our thank you for coming treat boxes for our schools Dinner and Silent Auction. We picked the jellybelly's in our school colors. Since so many colors are available it is easy and looks great on the tables. They were a big hit! It is a great choice because you can't go wrong in large crowds with jelly beans. They were great tasting and great looking. I will use them again for our school events.

By Audrey Jean Jelly Bean

from Saint Louis, MO

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes




everyone that I gifted to, LOVES the fun blueberry Taste and i had to remind then that this is also an antioxident, so it is a Healthy trest I think

By Tani

from Orlando, FL

About Me Humble

Wonderful display



This product is left out for passersby as bait in which they respond kindly and favorably.

By Pink


About Me Major Sweet Tooth

Excellent Flavor!



I am making wedding favors and I bought this flavor as well as several other flavors. It is a perfect flavor for fall!!


from Edmonds, WA

About Me Foodie, Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth

Leaves me feeling blue



Had people try it blindly -- no one guessed blueberry. Certainly not our favorite.

By yabble dooble

from ny

About Me Major Sweet Tooth

nice sour flavor




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