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Reviews of Sunkist® Fruit Gems - (Unwrapped) – 10 lbs bulk

10 lbs of Sunkist® Fruit Gems, bulk packaged (unwrapped). Made with 5 fruit juices and a good source of Vitamin C, each gem taste so fresh and juicy you'll think you're biting into the real thing. Orange Lemon Pink Grapefruit Raspberry Blueberry Approximately 45 pieces per pound.... read more about Sunkist® Fruit Gems - (Unwrapped) – 10 lbs bulk

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By fast Eddie

from Texas

About Me Simple Tastes

bad packaging



cheap bag does not stay closed

By Pat

from MN

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Simple Tastes

Absolutely the best!!!!



I am in love with these gems. I have been looking for them for a good year.

By Victoria S.

from Virginia, USA

About Me Simple Tastes, Health Conscious

The Perfect Fruit Candy



Fruit Gems are the best commercial pectin fruit candies available. All the flavors are just right and they're not overly sweet. While 'fruit slice' candies can often get cloying and be too chewy, Fruit Gems are wonderfully soft and light. The only reason I don't buy them more often is because I tend to eat them too fast.

By Peggy

from Spearman, TX

These are definitely a family favorite!



These fruit gems are my son's favorite candy, so my granddaughter (his daughter) and I are featuring them on a candy table at his upcoming wedding. I have to keep them hidden--or they would already be gone!!! GREAT PRODUCT!!


from grand junction

About Me Simple Tastes

Never knew what I was missing...



I love snuggling on the couch with a warm fleece blanket and a bowl of Fruit Gems on a cold winter day, watching a good movie or reading that good book I've been meaning to finish...

By tater

from Ormond Beach, FL

About Me Simple Tastes, Health Conscious, Major Sweet Tooth

Wish I could find Fruit Gems more often!



My mom and I love them, but they have disappeared from our local supermarket and drug store and are only available occasionally at retail "resellers." Sure wish we could find them on a regular basis!

By babygirl

from portage,indiana




i buy them for myself

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