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Reviews of Kids Mix Jelly Beans - 2.6 lb Case

Get the 20 Jelly Belly flavors kids love best in one bag! Kids will flip for it! Berry Blue Blueberry Bubble Gum Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Pudding Cotton Candy Green Apple Lemon Lime Orange Sherbet Peach Raspberry Red Apple Sour Apple Sour Cherry Strawberry Jam Sunkist Lemon Toasted... read more about Kids Mix Jelly Beans - 2.6 lb Case

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By ambuh the juggalette from hell

from kewanee illinois

About Me Simple Tastes, Major Sweet Tooth, Foodie, Health Conscious

(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)




it is amazing i would recoment to any one!!!

By Dominic "Super Dad"

from Elgin, IL

About Me Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

Never a disappointment!



Perfect for individual snacking or sharing with others. Never a dull combination of flavors. Each handfull provides a satisfying surprise of tastes. Such bright colors provide a sensation for the eyes. And not to forget great little treats for the kids. Use them to reward good behavior or just for a special snack once and awhile.

By samantha

from staten island, ny

About Me Major Sweet Tooth, Foodie, Health Conscious, Simple Tastes

belly flps



great treat

By adsf

from asdfasd

About Me Foodie, Simple Tastes





By lilly

from Chillicothe, OH

About Me Simple Tastes




I love this mix! Can't get enough of this stuff. If you like simple flavors this is the mix for you. I love each individual flavor and I love to just eat a bunch of together. Either way I am never disappointed.

By Joanie

from Bloomington, IL

About Me Health Conscious

Great snack for lunch boxes



Packing lunch boxes day after day is difficult. The kids look forward to jelly belly in their box and they never trade these. My kids like this combo best of any others I have tried. I can control how much they get.

By Cindy the Maw

from Flora, MS

About Me Simple Tastes, Health Conscious

Awesome flavor in every bite!!



snack on them at work because they are not messy and they taste great.

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