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Factory Tour

Stores exclusively devoted to Jelly Belly? Find out where they are and how to reach them right here!
More Info ► - Custom Gifts

Now you can give customized Jelly Belly gifts! Pick the container, personalize the message and image, then choose your favorite beans.
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Jelly Belly Bean Art Gallery

The galleries inside contain an exhibition of commissioned works done in classic mosaic art form using Jelly Belly jelly beans.
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Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Recipes

For true Jelly Belly flavor, eat one bean at a time. However, if you want to get creative, mix flavors together for a unique gourmet treat!
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Jelly Belly Flavor Guides

Get the scoop on what flavors are available for all of our candies and mixes. You won't know where to start!
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Fun Facts about Jelly Belly

Not only are Jelly Belly jelly beans fun to eat, but there is lots of fun information about our beans and our company. Take a look at some of the Fun
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Jelly Belly Fleet

Check out the awesomely powerful machines that represent Jelly Belly right here!
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Jelly Belly Downloads

Spruce up your computer screen with a sweetness only Jelly Belly can bring! In just a few clicks of your mouse you can download fun and colorful desktop wallpapers or watch our tasty commercials!
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