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Valentine Candy Corn

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Cupid Cupcakes - Jelly Belly Candy Company

Valentine Mix and Licorice Pastels in desired love message patterns on top of the cupcakes (see photo for ideas). * For the butterfly, arrange 2 pink Licorice Pastels, end to end, in the center of the cupcake. Place 2 red hearts (from the Deluxe Valentine Mix) on either side of licorice and 2 Cupid Corn

Jelly Belly Confections - Jelly Belly Candy Company

candy of the same caliber as Jelly Belly beans. We cook up all sorts of sweets worthy of gifts and elegant gatherings. There are gummi and sour candies for the young set, too. But there's more. We also make special Confections for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. You'll find these candies

Bake and Decorate Center - Jelly Belly Candy Company

…create New Year's treats for partiers of all ages. More Info ► Indian Corn Cupcakes A-maize your crowd with this crafty centerpiece inspired by the dried harvest corn decorations that grace doorways each fall. More Info ► Cupid Cupcakes Love, Jelly Belly style! If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth…