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Wedding Themes

Beach Wedding

Berry Blue, Juicy Pear and A&W® Cream Soda give the allusion of an aquamarine hue of sea glass to this fun, breezy theme. Starfish and seashells make easy-to-find adornments if you want to celebrate in the sun and sand.

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California Wedding

A delicious medley of candies awash in the colors of California Poppies and the clear blue sky. Brightly-hued treats, simple ribbons and patterns can add a lot of West Coast personality to plain glass jars.

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Contemporary Wedding

Chic glass globes and charming wooden boxes are some of the round and angular elements in this timeless plan. Sharp, vibrant colors are used to accentuate the eye-popping symmetry.

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Garden Wedding

The traditional outdoor party never goes out of style. A bouquet of fresh flowers, pink and white place settings and a handful of jelly beans for each guest are all you need for sublime Spring or Summer nuptials.

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Rustic Wedding

Turn down the formality a bit with distressed woods, faded wallpapers and homespun rural flair. Chocolates and pastel-colored candies served in old-fashioned jars and tins give country character to your gathering.

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Uptown Wedding

Pale blues and silvers accented by white lilies are ideal when sophistication is paramount. Deep brown Cappuccino and Chocolate Pudding jelly beans bring rich, sumptuous flavors and colors to the party.

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Zen Wedding

Exotic and unique, but no less elegant, this theme has a Far Eastern twist. Fun, flowery origami filled with jelly beans are sure to bring smiles, and a stalk of bamboo here and there is an exquisite finishing touch.

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