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Jelly Belly Coloring Pages

Your party guests can have hours of fun coloring Mr. Jelly Belly in these exciting action poses. Click on the image that you want to color to see it at full size, then print it out and color it however you like. Each full-size image will fill an 8 1/2 x 11-inch sheet of paper.

Coloring Page 1

Mr. Jelly Belly hits the road on his bike.

Coloring Page 2

Just chillin’ out with some cool tunes.

Coloring Page 3

Mr. Jelly Belly is flipping out!

Coloring Page 4

Dance to the beat with Mr. Jelly Belly!

Coloring Page 5

Mr. Jelly Belly catching the game winning touchdown.

Coloring Page 6

Tiger who? Look at that follow through!

Coloring Page 7

Has anyone looked cooler in sunglasses?

Coloring Page 8

Mr. Jelly Belly jumps for joy.

Coloring Page 9

More music from Mr. Jelly Belly.

Coloring Page 10

Watch him pull a rabbit out of his hat!