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About Jelly Belly

Company History

The Jelly Belly Candy Co. makes more than 100 mouthwatering candies, including such delights as chocolates, gummies, sour candies, and confections for all the seasons.
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Principles and Practices

Jelly Belly Candy Company strives to ensure the highest standards of quality not only in our products, but our safety practices. Includes California Transparency in Supply Chain statement.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions that you might have are already answered in our FAQ section. If you don't find what you need, you can submit your question to us!
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Terms of Use

Please read our Terms of Use for the terms and conditions surrounding the use of our website.
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Vending & Fundraising Programs

Learn more about our vending & fundraising program. Jelly Belly candy makes for an extremely profitable alternative.
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Jelly Belly Candy Company, makers of Jelly Belly gourmet jelly beans and other fine confections, is seeking talented and motivated individuals to join our team!
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Educators & Students

Are you a student or educator looking for information regarding the Jelly Belly Candy Company? Get the scoop on useful information about the company on our Educators & Students page.
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A candy shop is complete when it has a full selection Jelly Belly candy. If you are a shop owner/operator, you'll want to download our many catalogs for an up-close view of the items we offer.
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