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When you want banana flavored candy, try delicious bulk jelly beans from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. This candy by the pound tickles your taste buds, and the treats are gluten free jelly beans so more people can partake. Combine this banana candy with other OU Kosher candy to make fun gift bags for party favors. Our Top Banana candy contains real banana juice from puree, so these jelly beans offer a true taste of the tropics.

Enjoy banana flavored candy in 16 oz. gift bags, or stock up on Top Banana Jelly Beans in a 10 lb. box. If you buy candy by the pound, you'll have delicious gluten free jelly beans to serve when neighbors stop by.

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Our banana flavored candy is chewy and scrumptious, and these bulk jelly beans are also OU Kosher, peanut free and fat free.

For yummy banana flavored candy, check out the fat free jelly beans at the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Snap up this candy by the pound, and serve the banana candies with other gluten free jelly beans so everyone finds a favorite. This yummy fat free candy from our bulk candy store is made with real banana juice from puree. Our Top Banana candy is OU Kosher, peanut free candy that more people can enjoy.

Try banana flavored candy from our online candy store in 16 oz. re-sealable bags. Select this chewy candy by the pound and mix with other bulk jelly beans to create your own candy gift bags. This tasty fat free candy is great at weddings and other festive gatherings. Our Top Banana candy includes about 400 banana candies per pound, so you'll have plenty for a big crowd.
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