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Back to School Gifts for Teachers

Back to School Candy Gifts for Students & Back to School Party Ideas

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Ms. Larson did love the back to school gifts for herself and her students and was thankful for such a thoughtful gift. Candy gifts were always a welcome treat to her, especially since she had a sweet tooth. She loved the gift ideas so much that she visited and and bought a Jelly Belly jelly bean dispenser to keep on her desk. She saw so many gift ideas during her search, she knew the stainless steel commuter mug would be perfect for the school principal.

Ms. Larson was so excited about what she found at, she shared the gift ideas with her fellow teachers in the break room that afternoon. Everyone agreed that gifts for school students who performed well should be given out at the end of the year. From the gift ideas she'd seen, she knew exactly the prize she'd offer to her "valedictorian" for a year of hard work—the Koko the Monkey Backpack. But she wanted to give candy gifts to all of her students, and at, she discovered she could personalize the candy for a special touch.

There were so many personalized gift ideas to congratulate her class on completing the 3rd grade. Her candy gifts would be different for each child; someone would get "best improved" and another would be awarded "best math skills." She found a ton of tins and jars among the candy gifts ideas that could be personalized with the superlatives. For her kids gifts, she chose small snap tins filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans and customized each one, for a memorable gift she knew her students would love.

Among the candy gifts, Matthew received a tin announcing "best debater" for his exceptional public speaking skills, especially when trying to get out of homework assignments. He talked about the candy gifts he and his friends had received with his mom, Jessica, and hoped she would want to give Jelly Belly® back to school gifts next year too. Of course we'll give back to school gifts to your teacher and gifts for school students from, she said. Candy gifts from the Jelly Belly Candy Company are the perfect way to get the year off to a sweet start!
Products 2 - 2 of 2