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Personalized Graduation Candy Gifts

Graduation Gift Ideas, Customized Graduation Candy Gifts for Her & Him

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Personalized graduation gift ideas make sweet presents

Elise needed unique graduation gift ideas for her two daughters — Brianne was graduating from college, and Clarice would be graduating from high school in the same month. She thought personalized graduation candy would be a great gift. But Elise wanted a customized candy gift containing jelly beans for each of the girls. She remembered the fun candy gifts her friend, Teresa, found online at , so she decided to take a look.

Elise found candy gifts galore at! She learned how easy personalized graduation gifts would be to create, and loved all the fun containers she could package Jelly Belly® jelly beans in. There were graduation gift ideas such as metal tins shaped like jelly beans and hearts, glass jars, see-through containers and other fun items. These personalized graduation candy containers could be filled with assorted jelly bean flavors from the Jelly Belly Candy Company, or she could pick just one or two of the girls' favorites.

Elise decided to make graduation gift baskets for Brianne and Clarice and she'd fill with jelly beans and other small items like books, perfume and photo frames. She browsed the customized candy gifts at and chose a heart tin for both girls. Then she picked a personalized graduation candy tin designed like a dog bone for Brianne, since she loved dogs and was earning her college degree in animal studies. She found a graduation candy container shaped like a barrel for Clarice, her daredevil daughter who always joked about going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Thinking graduation gifts for her daughters should feature their school colors, Elise decided to fill each container with red and white jelly beans for Brianne, and blue and yellow jelly beans for Clarice. The college graduation candy for Brianne would include Red Apple and French Vanilla jelly beans. The high school customized candy for Clarice would be Blueberry and Lemon Drop Jelly Belly jelly beans. She wanted jelly beans in Tutti-Frutti for the heart tins, as it was the flavor both girls loved the most.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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