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College & High School Graduation Gift Baskets

Graduation Gift Ideas for Him & Her and Candy Gift Baskets

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Create graduation gift baskets with tasty graduation candy

Presenting graduation gift baskets to high school and college graduates is a wonderful way to show them how proud and happy you are for their success. And candy gift baskets are always a welcome gift. Get ideas for college graduation gifts and high school graduation gifts at, where we have lots of sweet items to add to graduation gift baskets and carry pre-made gift baskets everyone will love. Find hundreds of different candy gifts available from the Jelly Belly Candy Company to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Discover the best graduation candy in every flavor imaginable to spice up candy gift baskets. We carry lots of bulk candy and smaller packages of jelly beans in many brands and flavors, such as Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix®, Sunkist® Candies and Soda Pop Shoppe®. You can even create candy gift baskets with the weird and nasty flavors of BeanBoozled™ jelly beans, featuring disgusting but fun flavors like Canned Dog Food, Skunk Spray and Pencil Shavings. Or, go beyond traditional jelly beans and include Jelly Belly Jelly Bean Chocolate Dips™ — rich, dark chocolate-covered jelly beans in great flavors like Mint, Very Cherry and Coconut.

High school and college graduation gifts like jelly beans aren't the only mouthwatering sweets available at Besides jelly beans, we carry other confections such as Chocolate Malt Balls, Candy Corn, Gummi Bears, Milk Chocolate Jumbo Raisins, Licorice and Fruit Sours. Find candy gifts to add to graduation gift baskets like Jelly Belly Lollibeans® Lollipops, Mint Cremes, Wrecking Ball Jawbreakers and Sunkist Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks. With so many jelly beans in every color of the rainbow, and all the other sweet confections offered by Jelly Belly ®, there are always the perfect ingredients to add to graduation gift baskets for high school and college grads.

Include candy gifts in graduation gift baskets that indulge your favorite grad with sweet treats like Sanrio Hello Kitty® candy that makes great graduation gifts for her. Playful graduation gifts for him include a certain famous boy wizard's favorite candy — Harry Potter™ Bertie Botts. And jelly bean graduation candy in school colors are always a hit, whether they wear red and white, blue and gold, or green and orange.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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