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Halloween Treat Ideas for Kids

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Homemade Halloween Treats

"I want Halloween treat ideas that are unique and exciting," Samantha tells her sister Jill, "and I have no clue what Halloween treats to hand out this year to trick or treaters. Everyone always passes out Halloween treats like lollipops and chocolates. Wouldn't Halloween treats for kids that are nontraditional be fun this year? I want my Halloween ideas to make me the coolest mom on the block."

Jill discovered Halloween treat ideas earlier in the month online and is excited to share them with her sister. "I found so many Halloween treats for kids, including trick or treat bags we can make filled with other Halloween treats besides candy!" she exclaims. And the Halloween treat ideas are things we can make ourselves! I know just the Halloween treats we should make, and we can make them all in one weekend with the kids' help."

Samantha loves the Halloween treat ideas and wonders. "How did you come up with them?" Jill can't claim the Halloween ideas as her own: "I had online help from some of my favorite websites like, and others." I found crafty Halloween ideas and ways to add some festive touches to store-bought candy for a unique twist on tradition." Both know with these Halloween treats along with trick or treat candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company, you'll definitely be the most popular house on the block.

Of the Halloween ideas, Samantha and Jill, along with their children, make spiders out of pipe cleaners, felt masks decorated with googly eyes, and bat clothespins. They make other Halloween treats for trick or treaters like cookies that spell out "BOO" and caramel apples decorated with sprinkles to look like pumpkins. They even include trick or treat bags using gloves filled with spiced popcorn that declare "Happy Halloween." As extra Halloween treats, they find colorful glow sticks to pass out so little ghouls and boys can see when it gets dark.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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