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Cinco de Candy

Cinco De Mayo Celebrations & Traditions, Fiesta Candy & Pinata Candy

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Jelly Belly

Elizabeth loves Cinco de Mayo candy and all the festivities surrounding the May holiday. She loves pinata candy and wants to host a pinata fiesta for her children, Todd and Amy. Elizabeth hopes to find fiesta candy in different and exciting flavors, so she begins looking online for delicious and unique Cinco de Mayo candy. The best Cinco de Mayo celebrations, she feels, have great food, mouth-watering sweet treats, many activities, and, of course, good friends.

Online, Elizabeth finds Cinco de Mayo candy at, and she also sees another site,, where she can personalize Cinco de Mayo gifts. First, she needs pinata candy that children will want to grab after the pinatas break. For fiesta candy to fill her pinatas, Elizabeth spies Jelly Belly's 16-ounce re-sealable bags, which are portable and super-convenient. These pinata filler candy packages feature tantalizing flavors that kids will certainly be scrambling for, like Coconut, Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate Pudding.

Cinco de Mayo traditions include holiday foods rich with Mexican flavors, and Elizabeth at sees Mango and Chili Mango jelly beans made with real mango from puree. These bite-sized candy gifts will also make great pinata filler candy, she realizes. These jelly beans are Cinco de Mayo gifts offering Latin flair, and they also come in bulk candy 16-ounce sizes. Elizabeth searches for more pinata candy filler for her pinatas, looking for jelly beans that are even wilder and more appealing to kids.

Why not try Cinco de Mayo candy that's created for kids and the kids in all of us? Elizabeth thinks as she discovers some really fun flavors on Giggling, Elizabeth orders pinata candy with names like Dirt, Booger, Pencil Shavings and Toothpaste. Before beginning the Cinco de Mayo traditions of placing on a blindfold and taking swings at a pinata, Elizabeth will tell the children about all the crazy, tasty and Latin-inspired candy in the pinatas. After the bulk candy falls, and the kids are grabbing jelly beans and gobbling them up, she will ask the kids to shout out the flavors they are tasting.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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