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Father's Day Candy Gift Ideas

Best Father's Day Gift Ideas & Candy Gifts

This year, explore Father's Day gift ideas from Jelly Belly Candy Company, and create unique and lasting memories that will bring a smile--or even a chuckle--for decades. Give Father's Day candy in unique personalized gift boxes, tins and other fun packages that you've chosen and designed at Dive into the history of Father's Day at and learn how this beloved holiday came about while you nibble handfuls of tasty jelly beans. Some of the best Father's Day gifts revolve around things your pop likes to do, like golfing, and you can take along Father's Day candy to toss back as you spend a day on the links with your dad.

Don't be shy with candy gifts for dad this year, and you can use delicious Jelly Belly jelly beans in everything from homemade Father's Day pancakes to decorating Father's Day cupcakes. Top Father's Day present ideas also include hitting a ball game with dad on his special day, or how about putting on a Father's Day concert with plenty of Father's Day candy on hand for the audience. Make Father's Day gift baskets filled with golf balls, if he's a golfer, or stock your Father's Day basket with new cooking tools if he fancies himself a top chef. Drop packs of candy gifts into your baskets for treats that he can enjoy throughout his special day.

Try new Father's Day gift ideas like throwing dad a personalized concert at home, or taking your pop to the golf course for a day on the links. Bring plenty of Father's Day candy like delicious Orange Sherbet, Peach, Watermelon and Lemon Lime jelly beans from Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Unique Father's Day gift ideas include personalized candy gifts that you can design quickly and easily at for tasty gifts that create lasting memories.

Father's Day gift ideas shouldn't start in the tie section at the local men's department store, and when you search all the Father's Day candy at Jelly Belly Candy Company you'll discover that some of the best Father's Day gifts start with jelly beans. Consider giving Father's Day candy along with a card, or bring along candy gifts for Dad as you embark on a special Father's Day outing. Explore the history of Father's Day at and you'll learn the fascinating, 100-year-old path that lead to this holiday for your pop. Some of the best Father's Day gifts are personalized Father's Day gifts containing meaningful messages, and you can design your own customized gifts for dad quickly and easily at

For homemade Father's Day gift ideas, nothing starts a Father's Day off like making dad breakfast in bed. Drop Father's Day candy like red, green and blue jelly beans from Jelly Belly into dad's pancakes for a colorful Father's Day breakfast, and dive into recipe sites for other tasty Father's Day present ideas. Remember, candy gifts from Jelly Belly include certified OU Kosher Candy, peanut free candy, gluten free candy, and Sugar-Free candy gifts, so there's something for every father! Fill Father's Day gift baskets with breakfast muffins, homemade scones and jelly bean treats. Other good Father's Day gifts that you can make include whipping up a unique beef recipe for dinner, and top off your culinary tribute with plenty of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

Create your own history of Father's Day by making unforgettable memories that will bring a smile to dad's face for years to come. Unique Father's Day present ideas include hosting a homemade concert, where you and your siblings or friends pay a musical tribute to dad, playing whatever instruments you know. These are personalized Father's Day gifts that will leave a lasting impression in his heart - and his ears! Have plenty of Father's Day candy on hand for your dad and the audience to nibble during the rockin' show.

Grab handfuls of Father's Day candy and head out with dad to one of his favorite outdoor spots or sporting events. Some of the best Father's Day gifts are gifts of time, and spend some quality time with dad at a place he loves, like the golf course, where he can help you work on your swing. Good Father's Day gifts are trips to sporting events, and you can check ahead and see if there's a minor or major league baseball or soccer game headed your way on Father's Day. Give your pop Father's Day gift baskets featuring golf balls, tees, lots of jelly beans, and maybe even a Jelly Belly Adult's Embroidered Logo Cap from!

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