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Father's Day Candy Gifts

Candy Gift Box for Dad & Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Sweet Father's Day gifts: personalized candy gifts

Sarah thinks Father's Day candy would make a great gift this year for her Dad, who's known to have a sweet tooth all year 'round. She began considering candy gifts after growing tired of giving her dad cards and neckties year after year. Candy gifts for dad will please his sweet tooth and be a fun and different gift, she says to herself. For Father's Day gifts that are delicious and come in an assortment of flavors, this college-aged daughter begins browsing and

The Father's Day candy choices at and are vast, Sarah realizes, and she dives into both sites, exploring the colorful jelly beans and gift ideas for her dad. She sees convenient candy gifts already packaged at Sarah also considers gifts for dad at, where candy gifts can be customized for a personal touch. Her Father's Day gifts this year would include a 10-Flavor Gift Box, Sarah decides, and she sees that the sleeves of these unique Father's Day candy gifts can be personalized in several ways.

Sarah's Father's Day gift ideas include adding a bright background to her 10-Flavor Gift Box. This candy gift box should be really special, Sarah tells herself, and she sees that she can upload her own clip art to the gift box sleeve as well. To create these best Father's Day gifts, Sarah uploads photos of her and her dad throughout the years, so the first thing her dad will see when he unwraps his candy gift box is fond and fun moments. These personalized Father's Day gifts from Jelly Belly are really something different, and will make Dad smile, Sarah says.

After ordering her candy gift box quickly and easily online, Sarah is so excited about her unique and delicious Father's Day gifts she tells her little brother, Kyle, about Jelly Belly. "Candy gifts—wow that's a cool idea!" says Kyle, a middle-schooler, "I haven't figured out what to get Dad this year, though." New Father's Day gift ideas were always hard to come up with, Kyle thought. "Give him Father's Day candy gifts, too," Sarah says, jumping off the chair in her room and ushering Kyle in front of her laptop.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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