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Father's Day Facts

Father's Day Facts

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The origin of Father's Day: a woman

The history of Father's Day in the U.S. includes a Spokane Washington woman scholars like to call "The Mother of Father's Day." Look for the origin of Father's Day, and you're sure to find Sonora Smart Dodd, who, when her mother died in 1898, was suddenly under the care of her father, William Jackson Smart. Grab some Father's Day candy and celebrate this early American single father who cared for Sonora and her five younger brothers. The facts about Father's Day state that Sonora was inspired to start a Father's Day holiday after she heard a moving Mother's Day tribute at her Spokane church.

Browsing the history of Father's Day, you'll find that Sonora Smart Dodd, an early Father's Day supporter, began working in 1909 to create a national holiday honoring dads. The origin of Father's Day took some big leaps forward when Sonora took her Father's Day idea to several groups in her community, including the YMCA and Ministerial Alliance, notes the Father's Day history site, Your ideas for Father's Day could include a trip to the Spokane area to learn where Sonora was born and how her quest took hold from the Northwest to become a national holiday. Wrap your candy gifts for your father and give them to Dad this year knowing that the holiday is just over a hundred years old, with the first nationwide Father's Day held in 1910.

Father's Day gifts that we traditionally buy for dad include Father's Day cards - and we buy a lot of them! Along with candy gifts, Father's Day cards are a staple of the holiday, and the Greeting Card Association says that Americans buy about 90 million cards for Father's Day each year.1 Cards are ideas for Father's Day that are still going strong! Father's Day in the UK is a big day as well, and for the U.S, our card purchases for Father's Day ranks fourth among holiday cards, behind Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.

Scholars writing the history of Father's Day will likely note the many dollars we spend on Father's day gifts in the U.S.: $12.7 billion, according the National Retail Federation's 2012 Father's Day spending survey.2 For Father's Day candy and gifts, that figure averages to about $117 spent on Father's Day gifts. Some favorite Father's Day gifts, according to the survey, include electronic gift items, apparel, gift cards, books, music and sporting goods. Popular ideas for Father's Day activities are dining out and taking in sporting events - the perfect chance to give Dad his sweet and tasty Father's Day Jelly Belly jelly beans.

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