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History & Facts of Father's Day

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History of Father's Day: An International Celebration

Dive into the history of Father's Day, and one of the first things you'll realize is that this holiday is truly an international event. The origin of Father's Day is different for each country, of course, but it is observed in many countries, from Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia to Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore and South Africa. Father's Day candy is part of our Father's Day traditions here in the United States, where the holiday is on the third Sunday of each June. The facts about Father's Day reveal that the day is set aside to mark that favorite man in your life: dad.

The history of Father's Day in India doesn't reach too far back, and it's actually a relatively new concept. The origin of Father's Day in Mexico can be traced back to the country's Día del Padre celebrations, when families gathered together to share meals and give gifts to their fathers. Nibble some Father's Day candy while studying how the world celebrates dads, and know that in South Africa social and cultural groups, according to, usually lead Father's Day events.1 In South Africa, the facts about Father's Day show that these groups emphasize fathers' importance in raising children and helping to build stronger cultural bonds.

U.S. scholars studying the history of Father's Day know about how many dads there are in the U.S. currently, and that number is around 70.1 million, according to recent U.S. Census Bureau figures.2 The origin of Father's Day is surely important to this large chunk of the population! Give Father's Day candy and chew on this fact, also provided by the U.S. Census Bureau: There are around 332, 000 kids under 15 years old whose primary care giver is a stay-at-home dad.

Exploring the history of Father's Day, we see that one of the first events in the U.S. occurred in a West Virginia church, on July 5, 1908. This may be the origin of Father's Day proper, as this event was held "explicitly in honor of fathers," according to Pop down delicious Father's Day candy from Jelly Belly as you realize that this first event was a special sermon delivered to honor over 300 men who were killed in a mine explosion the previous December. The facts about Father's Day in America, point to this event as pivotal in the establishment of the holiday, but the 1908 sermon was still a one-time event, and not annual.

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