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Mother's Day Candy Gifts

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Discover memorable, tasty Mother's Day gifts

"Mother's Day gifts this year should be something different, memorable, and delicious," thinks Todd, a professional in his mid-30s. He began considering candy gifts for presents to give to his mother, instead of sending her flowers. Flowers are Mother's Day gift ideas he seemed to fall back on every May, he realized. A candy gift box is something his mother would appreciate because she is known for her sweet tooth.

Todd needs Mother's Day gifts of candy that he can send, as his mom lives across the country, and he isn't able to make it out to see her this year. He searches for candy gifts online during his lunch break and discovers, which stocks a tasty variety of Mother's Day gift packages with many tasty Jelly Belly jelly beans. Todd sees more unique gifts for mom at, a site where he can easily customize good Mother's Day gifts. "The Mother's Day gift ideas from Jelly Belly seem endless," Todd thinks, as he peruses all the flavors and gift combinations, and he is impressed that Jelly Belly also offered certified OU Kosher Candy, peanut free candy, gluten free candy, and Sugar-Free candy.

Todd considers a candy gift box and then sees Jelly Belly's Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix® jelly beans, and remembers how much his mother loves Cold Stone Ice Cream. These best Mother's Day gifts are perfect for his mom's sweet tooth, and the flavors will be like a trip back in time to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Ordering these good Mother's Day gifts is a cinch, and Todd quickly snaps up the Cold Stone Ice Cream gift package, which is filled with five timeless flavors he knows his mother will enjoy: Chocolate Devotion™, Our Strawberry Blonde™, Birthday Cake Remix™, Apple Pie a la Cold Stone® and Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip®. "Check out the personalized Mother's Day gifts and Mother's Day gift packages at &!" he texts to his wife Ellen.

One of Ellen's Mother's Day gifts this year is a trip with her mom to the city's botanical gardens, which are in full and glorious bloom. Candy gifts will be a great additional gift, Ellen thinks after reading her husband's message about and Along with gifts for mom, Ellen can pick out some sweet treats for her two young children who will be going to the garden as well. A few candy gift box sets will let the kids nibble as they stroll, and the candy gift boxes from Jelly Belly won't spoil the special Mother's Day dinner out Ellen has planned for the family later that day.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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