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Memorable Mother's Day

Memorable Mother's Day

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Great Mother's Day Gifts: candy to road trips

Give Mom Mother's Day candy that you've personalized for her, like the 10-Flavor Gift Box available at For more delicious Mother's Day food, treat her like the Queen Mother herself by taking her to the fanciest brunch in town. Ideas for Mother's Day do not start with your entertainment coupon book! Memorable and unique Mother's Day gifts can start with reservations at the swankiest restaurant which has been recommended by your local newspaper or in-the-know foodie friends—just be sure to call well in advance to secure your seats for this popular dining-out day.

Ideas for Mother's Day that will really bond you and mom include fun road trips, both short daytrips and longer excursions that end up somewhere especially meaningful for Mom. Start these Mother's Day gift ideas on Mother's Day if it's a shorter trip, and consider launching earlier for a longer journey, with the goal of ending up at your destination on Mother's Day. Unique Mother's Day gifts, road trips with Mom can result in great memories - and mementoes that become keepsakes. And don't forget Mother's Day candy from Jelly Belly to snack on as you both explore.

Have friends bring candy gifts along with their favorite Mom-made dishes from their childhood for a different and delicious Mother's Day event. Call it a Mother's Day Food Party, and invite friends and their moms to share their mom's special macaroni and cheese, secret-recipe barbecue ribs or family lasagna recipes. Like a Mother's Day picnic, this special potluck honoring moms is social and fun. Create the best Mother's Day gifts at this party by scrapbooking photos, old programs and cherished recipes.

Make sure your ideas for Mother's Day include decorations that she'll adore during her visit, like an eye-catching and edible centerpiece from "Arrange cupcakes or muffins on this tiered display that highlights the coordinated paper liners and picks."1

Mother's Day gift ideas can be highly practical, too, like making Mom's special day a no-chores, no-errands day. For unique Mother's Day gifts, take over your mother's tedious tasks. Also, cook Mother's Day food from your childhood—dishes that have special meanings for you and your siblings, and serve them along with a story telling Mom why you'll always savor the flavor and memories of these delightful dishes.

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