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Mother's Day Candy Gift Ideas

Unique Mother's Day Gifts & Mother's Day Candy Gifts

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Find fresh ideas for Mother's Day gifts

Too often our ideas for Mother's Day don't seem to extend too far beyond the neighborhood card shop and florist. Sure, these Mother's Day gift ideas will be appreciated and provide some cheer on her special day. But unique Mother's Day gifts will make a lasting impression that can bring a smile or laugh for years to come. Along with Mother's Day candy, consider an outing to somewhere she'd love, pack a Mother's Day picnic filled with gourmet treats, or host a party filled with delicious Mother's Day food for a fun tribute she'll always remember.

New ideas for Mother's Day can include taking in some of the brilliant new blooms popping up throughout your city during May. One of the best Mother's Day gift ideas is the most colorful: Head to a local flower garden or city park to admire pink and white cherry blossoms, big, purple rhododendrons, yellow roses or red azaleas. Garden trips are unique Mother's Day gifts that will yield bright photos that are sure to become keepsakes. Bring along Mother's Day candy to nibble as you stroll and chat, and be sure to check ahead of time to see if a nearby botanical garden is hosting a tour or other special Mother's Day event.

Pack a Mother's Day picnic and head out to enjoy the warm spring weather. Among Mother's Day gift ideas, heading out to a picnic is one the whole family can enjoy, and you can bring along a football, soccer ball or other outdoor game to keep children occupied while you spend quality time with Mom. Pack plenty of candy gifts, like personalized Mother's Day gifts from Jelly Belly, for delicious treats after the picnic. For a Mother's Day food idea, consider old-fashioned fried chicken, or a light quiche, green salad and some chocolate-covered strawberries in mom's favorite scenic place.

Explore ideas for Mother's Day that will blast her back in time. Let your Mother's Day gift ideas start with a favorite pastime she enjoyed during her crazy youth - bowling, miniature golf or softball. As part of these unique Mother's Day gifts, ask her for tips on how to swing the putter, how to slow pitch a perfect game and let her teach you a thing or two. Mother's Day candy is particularly tasty after a day of mother-son or mother-daughter bonding on the golf course or softball field.
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