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Personalized Easter candy gifts

"Easter candy!" Liz said, suddenly looking up from the menu ideas she'd been jotting down for her upcoming Easter brunch. Sweet Easter treats would make colorful and edible accents for each place setting this holiday, she realized. Wanting personalized Easter gifts for each family member and friend, Liz popped open her laptop and began searching online for tasty Easter treats that she could customize. She quickly found Easter egg candy and jelly bean gifts that she could personalize at

Browsing through the Easter gift ideas, Liz decided on 10-flavor gift boxes as an Easter treat everyone would enjoy, including her husband and two teenage children. Each gift box contained Easter jelly beans in convenient compartments, and Liz could easily customize each box with bright, Easter-themed backgrounds and images of frolicking bunnies. To these Easter candy ideas, Liz added personalized messages to each gift box with phrases like, "Happy Easter Nana Jones!" on the sleeve. Creating Easter baskets and other Easter gifts was a cinch with Jelly Belly®, and Liz explored the site further, looking for just the right Easter gifts for her niece and nephew who lived across the country.

Liz found an Easter candy gift that was perfect for her 8-year-old niece: "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" Collection box from the Jelly Belly Peter Rabbit™ Collection box series. This jelly bean-filled series featured illustrations and excerpts from the classic Beatrix Potter stories that have won the hearts of children since 1902. These Easter candy ideas were perfect, including seven flavors of jelly beans such as 7UP, Buttered Popcorn and Top Banana. While eating her Easter treats, Liz knew her niece would adore reading about the bouncing tales of Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Searching the personalized Easter gifts and other treats, Liz decided that her 10-year-old nephew might just like a carrot on Easter. But Jelly Belly's Easter gift ideas were a bit sweeter than conventional carrots. Tangerine-flavored Easter jelly beans filled Jelly Belly's Easter Carrot Bag, which was shaped like a carrot. If I try creating Easter baskets next year, Liz thought, I think I'll order these playful carrot bags again, and the delicious beans are made with real tangerine juice, too.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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