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Decorating for Easter & Easter Candy

Easter Gift Baskets for Kids, Easter Jelly Beans & Easter Gifts

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Decorating for Easter with spring colors

Decorating for Easter brightens homes with the colors of spring. Easter candy makes a delightful and edible decorative accent this time of year. Easter baskets are useful Easter gifts as well as traditional Easter decorations. Bags of Easter jelly beans filled with red, white, pink, and green jelly beans are sweet treats that can pop up on tabletops or anywhere in your home.

Giving Easter gift baskets for kids is a timeless way to celebrate the holiday, and, according to a survey conducted by the National Confectioners Association, 88% of adults still carry on this tasty tradition. Creating Easter baskets by hand is also something families enjoy today, and of those making baskets this year, 82% plan to add personal touches, according to the results from the NCA survey. Fill baskets with Easter food like sweet, tangy or tart Jelly Belly jelly beans . Other Easter treats for Easter baskets can include small toys, games, and chocolate bunnies.

Easter gift baskets for kids and the accompanying Easter bunny became a part of American folklore in the 1700s. The idea of Easter gifts brought by an Easter bunny was a German tradition imported by settlers to Pennsylvania's Dutch country. Waking up to find Easter candy from the Oschter Haws (Easter bunny) was a springtime version of Santa Claus for kids. Colored Easter eggs were Easter treats left for good children, according to early Easter bunny tales, while bad children were disappointed on Easter morning with no treats.

Creating Easter baskets to celebrate the holiday wasn't originally part of Easter bunny folklore. Children built nests for Easter treats, making them in barns or gardens for the Easter bunny to find and fill with Easter eggs. For their Easter gifts, boys used their caps as early Easter bunny baskets, and girls filled their bonnets with straw. Now, decorating for Easter isn't complete without elaborate baskets, Easter boxes or Easter buckets.
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