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Decorating for Easter & Easter Games, Easter Egg Hunt

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With an Easter egg hunt and fun decor, celebrate Easter in style.

Make an Easter egg hunt the center of your Easter party for a fun and memorable holiday. Kids and parents adore Easter games, and an activity-filled gathering outdoors means that families are sure to enjoy some spring sunshine. Decorating for Easter parties is a cinch after you take a peek at our colorful and easy-to-do ideas. Of course, Easter candyis an essential (and edible!) decoration for any Easter shindig.

You can use Easter jelly beans and other decor to create a tasteful—and tasty—party. Read and discover that dyeing Easter eggs isn't just for kids. Celebrate Easter food with an elegant Easter brunch or dinner, or host a casual Easter potluck with friends. Drop Easter treats throughout the house for Easter-themed nibbles before and after the meal.

Decorating for Easter parties doesn't have to mean spending long hours at the craft store and then longer hours crafting. Crepe paper bunnies are Easter decorations that don't require a lot of time or tools—just some tissue, cupcake liners and a hot glue gun! Before playing Easter games, kids can unwrap their paper bunnies to reveal little Easter treats and presents inside. Accent any kind of Easter party with bright spring-colored flowers such as white orchids, yellow or pink tulips, or fill a vase with blossoming cherry branches.

Easter family fun isn't limited to Easter egg hunting. Dyeing Easter eggs is a creative tradition that's a joy for egg-artists of every age, and you can purchase color dye kits, or create your own dyes using vinegar, water and food coloring. Pop Easter candy while mixing up all-natural dyes formulated from blueberries, spices and other food-based ingredients. When we think of Easter food, coffee grounds and raspberries don't usually come to mind, but these ingredients are the basis for natural Easter egg dyes.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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