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St. Patrick's Day History & Facts About St. Patty Day

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St. Patrick's Day Lore

St. Patrick's Day history sparkles with colorful traditions (and by colorful, we mean green, of course). Some of the facts about St. Patrick's Day may have been clouded by years of blarney, however. Gobbling up green St. Patrick's Day candy, such as jelly beans, and downing assorted green beverages on March 17th, for example, didn't actually originate in Ireland. Browse our Saint Paddy Day primer to discover the real story behind some of our most-treasured St. Patty Day holiday traditions.

St. Patrick's Day history buffs know that this day dedicated to all things green is actually a religious feast day celebrating the death of the beloved saint. One of the interesting facts about St. Patrick's Day is that Saint Patrick was actually born in Great Britain, and landed in Ireland via kidnapping! As you pop your St. Patrick's Day candy down, remember the not-so-sweet travel plans of this beloved saint of the Emerald Isle. As a holiday, St. Patty Day has been celebrated for more than 1,000 years.

St. Patrick's Day history scholars will tell you that the first civic parade marking the holiday goes back 250 years. Dive into the facts about St. Patrick's Day, and you'll discover that the oldest annual St. Patrick's Day parade wasn't held in Ireland; it was in America. St. Patrick's Day candy, beverages, food and revelry have been a part of New York City's March 17th parade since 1762, and now, the Big Apple's parade draws around 3 million spectators each year. Ireland's largest and oldest St. Patty Day parade is in Dublin, and the 75-year-old event attracts more than 1 million visitors.

St. Patrick's Day history doesn't have a clear answer as to the wearin' of the green on March 17. Legends, while not facts about St. Patrick's Day, point to stories claiming that donning green renders you invisible to leprechauns, who will pinch you if they see you. Most likely, dyeing St. Patrick's Day candy green, and wearing green clothing is a tribute to the Emerald Isle, which has green in its flag and fields of green shamrocks blanketing its landscape.

St. Patrick's Day history claims that the saint drove all the snakes from Ireland – an appealing virtue for countrymen and tourists alike! Facts about St. Patrick Day give credit, however, to Ireland's chilly landscape, which, in the post-glacial world has never been hospitable to the reptiles. Some say this information about St. Patrick is actually an allegory for St. Patrick's eradication of pagan ideology from the isle. None of the facts of St. Patty or legends say that the tenacious saint expanded his snake-chasing efforts to England or Scotland, where snakes do reside.
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