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Christmas Facts: From Santa to Christmas Origins

Like tasty Christmas candy, Christmas facts are treats we enjoy digging into each holiday season. Every year we learn Santa facts that make the jolly bearded man even more delightful. The more Christmas history we learn, the more the special day means to us. We've compiled facts about Santa history, fun nuggets of interest about the origins of Christmas and some fascinating information on how the holiday is celebrated around the world –from China to Mexico.

While Christmas origins can be traced to Jerusalem, you probably weren't aware that the origin of Santa Claus begins in what is now modern day Turkey. Nibble some Christmas candy as you read along and discover more about the beloved gift-giver, who actually has roots going back to the third century. Santa history reveals that the legend likely sprang from a generous monk named St. Nicholas, who inherited a great deal of money, but gave it away during his travels in 280 A.D. As you snack on chocolate Christmas candy, you should give a big thank you to the original St. Nick, who helped the sick and poor, and became a popular figure known to protect children.

Christmas facts point to December 6 as the original day when Santa Claus was celebrated, because this was the day of St. Nicholas' death, and his unselfish life and good deeds were marked with a day of feasting. Fun Santa facts also tell us that this day was considered a lucky day for marriage or for making large purchases. Later, according to Santa history experts, Santa made the jump to America, when, in the 18th century, Dutch immigrants who adored St. Nick, held celebrations in New York City to commemorate the admired monk. Down a few Christmas jelly beans as you learn that it was the Dutch who began calling St. Nick "Sinter Klaas," and this nickname really took off when writer Washington Irving declared Sinter Klaas the patron saint of New York.

Santa history became permanently etched in American culture in 1822, when Clement C. Moore penned the poem which would become known as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." As you buy bulk candy for your children's Christmas stockings, you'll probably be reciting some of the memorable and timeless rhymes from this famous and cherished Christmas poem. Christmas origins tell us that this was one of the first times when Santa was described as a jolly old elf with supernatural abilities. According to experts in Christmas facts, our contemporary image of Santa is also attributable to cartoonist Thomas Nast, who, in 1881, drew an illustration of Santa Claus as a round, bearded man in a red suit holding a large sack of toys for children.
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