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Sweet Personalized Candy Gifts for Relatives and Friends

Maddie also realizes that personalized Christmas gifts from would make a yummy change from the usual fruit gift baskets and gift cards that she sends to her sister and her family each year. Maddie knows that food gifts for Christmas are always appreciated, so she searches the site for ideas, and spies the Giant Snip-Snap Tin, which holds 70 flavorful jelly beans. Maddie has sent chocolate Christmas candy before, but realizes that jelly beans are also delicious and fun, and the Giant Snip-Snap Tins can be customized for each member of her sister's family. Nieces and nephews love jelly beans, no matter what time of the year, Maddie reminds herself.

Maddie begins creating the personalized candy gifts – one for her sister, one for her brother-in-law, and two more for her niece and nephew. These Christmas candy gift ideas will be enjoyed through the holiday season and the lids snap on and off easily, keeping the jelly beans safe from spills, Maddie realizes. Decorating the old fashioned Christmas candy presents only takes a few moments, and Maddie uploads a photo of her family to the lid of each Giant Snip-Snap Tin. Then, to these jelly beans tins, Maddie adds her own personal message: "Merry Christmas from our family to yours."

As she finishes the Christmas gifts for her sister and her family, Maddie's son Luke comes into the family study and says he can't figure out what to get his grandparents this Christmas. Maddie suggests Christmas candy gift baskets or other Christmas candy gift ideas, telling Luke: "You know Gram and Gramps love their holiday sweets!" Maddie says: "Look for red candy, green candy and other jelly bean gift ideas on, Luke." has plenty of personalized candy gift ideas, Maddie tells Luke, and suggests uploading his most recent school picture to their gifts.

Luke sees lots of food gifts for Christmas as soon as he lands on, and soon decides on the large Heart-Shaped Tin, which holds 25 beans. Luke chooses the jelly beans and then, as his mom suggested, goes through his most recent school photos for the perfect one to add as art to the lids. "These are old fashioned Christmas candy gifts that they'll flip for," Luke declares. To finish his personalized Christmas gifts for his grandparents, Luke adds the special message: "Have a very sweet and very merry Christmas!"
Products 2 - 2 of 2

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