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Old Fashioned Christmas Candy Gift Baskets & Candy Gift Boxes

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Red, White and Green Candy Gifts are Old Fashioned Christmas Treats

Jelly beans are versatile old fashioned Christmas candy that can be used on a variety of baked goodies. Just like handpicked Christmas gift baskets, Christmas cupcakes, cakes and cookies offer a personal touch, and these holiday gifts never go out of style. This year, try adding chocolate Christmas candy as a finish to your rich and spicy rum cake. Drop holiday-colored jelly beans over a frosted Bundt cake or on top of dark chocolate home-baked fudge brownies.

Homemade food gifts for Christmas have to include your favorite Christmas cookies, and breaking out those old fashioned Santa, reindeer and Christmas tree cookie cutters is a treat in itself. Decorate Christmas cookies with red candy, green candy or other holiday colors this year. Arrange jelly beans on Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies to look like ornaments, and adding a red jelly bean to a reindeer cookie's nose instantly transforms him into Rudolph. Place these cookie Christmas candy gifts in a holiday-themed tin and slide it under the tree for the family to enjoy on Christmas Day, or offer them to neighbors to help them celebrate the season.

Add Christmas candy gifts to Christmas cards for a tasty touch. Choose chocolate Christmas candy like the Christmas Chocolate Malt balls from Jelly Belly Candy Company for an extra bonus to people who are just receiving a card. These tasty Christmas candy gift ideas feature crunchy malted centers surrounded by a layer of chocolate, which is then coated with a thin candy shell in holiday hues. A real treat, these Christmas candy gift boxes are also perfect stocking stuffers.

Like Christmas candy gift baskets, Christmas candy in jars is a lovely, old-fashioned tradition that brings the right sentiment to the season. These food gifts for Christmas are a joy to put together, as all you need is a classic lidded glass jar and Look for chocolate Christmas candy and explore other old-fashioned Christmas candy, like the selections from Jelly Belly' s Cold Stone Ice Cream Parlor Mix ® jelly beans. These jelly beans are the perfect choice for ice cream lovers, and we offer five flavors inspired by Cold Stone Creamery treats—just fill your jar, find a lovely holiday ribbon and bow, and you've crafted a delicious gift that's a joy to nibble.
Products 2 - 2 of 2

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