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Old Fashioned Chocolate Christmas Candy Stocking Stuffers

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Whole Family

If you're looking for stocking stuffers for men and women, blend several flavors of jelly beans from our bulk candy sizes, wrapping each gift individually for that personal touch. One of the best stocking stuffer ideas is the handy and tasty Christmas Mix, a bulk candy collection available at These stocking stuffers for women and men combine Very Cherry, Green Apple, Red Apple and Coconut jelly beans for a festive holiday presentation. Bulk candy is an economical holiday buy and a flavorful way to stretch that Christmas budget.

When hunting down surefire stocking stuffers for women, remember this: Every woman loves chocolate! Investigate candy stocking stuffers like the Chocolate Dipped Very Cherry jelly beans from These rich and delicious old fashioned Christmas candy presents are 16 ounces, an excellent fit for her Christmas stocking, and each package comes with juicy fruit smothered in decadent chocolate. Re-sealable chocolate Christmas candy gifts, these presents also come in orange and other succulent flavors. Don't forget to use jelly beans to fill the rest of her Christmas stocking!

Candy gifts are stocking stuffers for kids that they'll want to dive into again and again through the holiday season. They'll flip for red candy, green candy and other holiday-themed candy treats, including the fun Kids Mix fun pack of jelly beans from, which contains 25 small bags of jelly beans. Drop these jelly beans into your son and daughter's Christmas stockings, and then be sure to save some for nephews, cousins and nieces. Another great candy stocking stuffer that has kids written all over it is Reindeer Corn, a colorful new Christmas-hued take on conventional orange and white candy corn, and these 7.5-ounce bags of green, white and red candy corn from will be welcome finds in kids' Christmas stockings.

Along with jelly beans, kids love foods that are fun to play with, and on Christmas, why not give them the go-ahead to twist, pull and smoosh their candy treats? Sour Gummi Santas are red candy made just for the holidays, and these super-chewy gumdrop delights are shaped like Kris Kringle, covered in sour sanding and bursting with juicy cherry flavor. Find these 6-ounce stocking stuffer ideas at, and though they're sour-flavored, they're sure to put the kids in a sweet mood. These Santas make excellent candy stocking stuffers for grown-up sweet tooths as well!
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