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Personalized Hanukkah Gift Ideas, Custom Hanukkah Candy Treats & Hanukkah Games

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Hanukkah Gifts for the Whole Family

Miriam wants to give kosher Hanukkah candy as some of the Hanukkah gifts she gives this year, but isn't sure where to find unique Hanukkah candy treats. Giving Hanukkah gifts for each of the eight nights of the Festival of Lights is traditional so she wants to find Hanukkah candy for her family and friends that they'll really like. Luckily she discovers unique personalized Hanukkah gift ideas after a quick online search and is ecstatic with what she finds. The Hanukkah gifts and custom candy at and are just what she's been looking for, and she knows the Hanukkah candy will be a big hit.

She finds oodles of personalized Hanukkah gift ideas at and is excited to discover how easy it is to make custom candy gifts. To make her Hanukkah candy treats, she chooses the Candyshell Tin among all the great options. Next, she picks perfect Hanukkah candy, jelly beans in flavors of Berry Blue and Blueberry for the traditional blue color for Hanukkah. Among the personalized Hanukkah gift ideas for decorations on the tin, she decides on a menorah and types in "Happy Hanukkah" at the bottom.

Miriam discovers that these custom candy gifts are offered at a discount when you buy more, so she stocks up on Hanukkah candy for the whole family. She finds fun Hanukkah candy treats at as well that are perfect for the Hanukkah games everyone will play. The Hanukkah candy 20 Flavor Twist jelly beans and Sunkist® Fruit Gems that are individually wrapped are perfect to use as playing pieces for the dreidel game. This kosher Hanukkah candy as the prize for the winner is sure to be a hit, she thinks.

Among the great Hanukkah candy selection, Miriam finds other Hanukkah gifts ideas. A basket of Hanukkah candy treats to satisfy Dad's sweet tooth is perfect, she thinks, and he'll love the Fruit Fantasy Basket. She even finds Hanukkah gifts for her nieces who live in New England: a Jelly Belly knit cap and matching gloves to keep them warm this winter. Miriam knows that with personalized Hanukkah gift ideas and Hanukkah candy treats as rewards, this Hanukkah is going to be extra special.
Products 1 - 1 of 2