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Celebrating Hanukkah Origins as the Festival of Lights

What is Hanukkah is a common question that is asked around the winter holidays as stores sell Hanukkah decorations for the celebration. Hanukkah history dates back to 200 BC when a Hanukkah miracle occurred. Hanukkah traditions have remained the same over the years to celebrate the holy holiday. Families exchange Hanukkah gifts and play Hanukkah games to celebrate the joyous season.

Understanding what is Hanukkah begins with knowing why Jews celebrate this Festival of Lights. Hanukkah history begins in 200 BC when Judea was under the control of Antiochus III, the Seleucid King of Syria who allowed them to practice their religion there. The Hanukkah origins continue when Antiochus IV Ephiphanes outlawed the Jewish religion from being practiced and forced the worship of Greek gods; the holy temple was defaced and everyone was forced to worship Zeus. Hanukkah history points to Judah, son of Jewish priest Mattathias, who rebelled, drove out the Syrians and rebuilt the temple and restored the menorah.

According to Hanukkah origin stories, the Hanukkah miracle Judah and the other Jews experienced happened when they set out to rededicate the temple. Common Hanukkah decorations include a menorah, with the seven branches representing knowledge and creation and it was meant to burn every night. As we see in these Hanukkah origins, the original menorah in the temple only had enough oil to keep it burning for one day. However, according to Hanukkah tradition, the flames continued to burn for eight nights; a Hanukkah miracle that Jews still celebrate today.

Hanukkah traditions haven't changed much over the years and the holiday lasts a period of eight days and nights to symbolize the miracle. Hanukkah decorations always include a nine-branch menorah to hold eight candles for each day and a Shamash (helper candle) to light the others. Hanukkah traditions during the Festival of Lights include reciting of blessings and the menorah is often displayed in the window to remind everyone of the miracle. Hanukkah games like the dreidel are especially fun when played with kosher Hanukkah candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company as the reward, and Hanukkah gifts are also exchanged.
Products 1 - 1 of 2