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Thanksgiving Personalized Candy Gifts

Thanksgiving Candy Decorations, Holiday Candy Gifts & Custom Candy Gifts

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Offering Thanks With Thanksgiving Candy

Ben thinks customized Thanksgiving candy gifts will be a welcome surprise for the volunteers at the community center. And because the personalized candy gifts can be designed with an uploaded photo, Elsie runs outside to take pictures of the gorgeous orange and yellow leaves covering their new front lawn. Then they choose the custom candy gifts for the volunteers – a heart shape tin with a mix of Chocolate Pudding and Orange Sherbet jelly beans. And they decorate the holiday candy tins with the uploaded photo of the fall leaves, and the text "With Thanks."

Their parents join the Thanksgiving candy planning and are impressed with the items their kids selected and designed. And they realize the personalized candy gifts offer a large discount when 25 or more are ordered. With the candy decorations of colorful jars, the pumpkin tins for the children and the heart shape tin for the volunteers, the Robertsons realize a huge savings on their order. And designing their custom candy gifts online at was quick, easy and fun.

The Robertsons take their Thanksgiving candy gifts and candy decorations to the community center on Thanksgiving Day. They place the candy decorations on each dining table and along the buffet line. After helping serve the Thanksgiving food, the Robertson children hand the special candy gifts to each child, and watch them all open them excitedly and pop colorful jelly beans into their mouths. And they deliver the custom candy gifts to all the volunteers, who then gratefully hug each of the kids.

Their Thanksgiving candy gifts make a big impact on the children and volunteers – there are smiles all around. And the candy decorations are each given to families to take home and enjoy. Creating the personalized candy gifts filled with festive jelly beans was a great experience in giving for the Robertson kids. They decide to create custom candy gifts for the center's upcoming Christmas event, and can't wait to get home and get started.
Products 2 - 2 of 2