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Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving Decorations, Centerpieces, Food Ideas, Party Games & Thanksgiving Candy

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Planning a Thanksgiving Party

There are lots of Thanksgiving party ideas to try when hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your home or when helping set up a gathering at a friend's house, your child's classroom or a community center. From Thanksgiving decorations to Thanksgiving party games, plenty of ideas help create the perfect party. Thanksgiving food ideas for dinners are now more varied than ever – so are the holiday candy treats that add a sweet touch to festivities. And making candy decorations like Thanksgiving centerpieces out of confections is always popular for children's Thanksgiving parties.

Most Thanksgiving party ideas are focused on an autumn theme, with traditional holiday foods and holiday decor displaying fall colors like orange, yellow, green and brown. Thanksgiving decorations often are for the kitchen and dining areas, where tables and buffets filled with delicious foods become the highlights of the event. There are unique Thanksgiving food ideas that can add to festive themes, such as serving individual soups in hollowed-out mini pumpkins, or shaping fruit and vegetable slices into the shape of a turkey on platters. And for candy decorations, glass jars filled with candy corns or Jelly Belly® jelly beans make a bright addition to tables and buffets.

When decorating, Thanksgiving party ideas can range from setting out seasonal gourds to creating elaborate Thanksgiving centerpieces, tablescapes and banners. Whether understated or grand, Thanksgiving decorations often include pumpkins and other colorful gourds, colorful fall leaves, vases with mums, and fun craft items like pumpkins, pilgrims or scarecrows either made by hand or purchased at party and craft stores. Along with Thanksgiving food ideas, incorporate festive ways to decorate tables such as setting out berry branches and acorns along table runners, or placing votive candles in hollowed-out mini pumpkins. Set candy decorations of yellow, orange and brown jelly beans in clear bags tied with raffia at each place setting for candy gifts each person can take home with them.

Try new Thanksgiving party ideas such as using a large hollowed-out pumpkin to serve drinks – cut it in half and fill it with ice and favorite bottles of white wine or soda. Make Thanksgiving decorations, including flag banners, that spell out "Give Thanks," "Gobble, Gobble" or "Happy Autumn." For kids' tables, great Thanksgiving food ideas include fun decorations like plates of little round sandwiches posing as turkeys, with tiny eyes made of black olive pieces and colorful apple slices spread out like turkey feathers. Use candy decorations of white, yellow and orange jelly beans layered in glasses to resemble candy corn designs.
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