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Personalized Valentine candy ideas for the whole family

Diana needed Valentine candy ideas for original Valentine day treats to give to her third-grade students. Searching online for Valentine treats, she couldn't find anything other than boxed chocolates. She wanted personalized Valentine’s candy not only for her students, but also personalized candy for her husband, James. Not finding custom candy ideas for Valentine's Day, she asked her teenage daughter, Brittany, for help.

"Valentine candy for nine-year-olds, huh? How about booger valentine treats?" Brittany offered. Not Diana's idea of personalized Valentine's candy gifts,until Brittany explained she meant Booger-flavored Jelly Belly® jelly beans! Though not the exact Valentine candy ideas, or flavors, she was looking for, Diana went to and found the perfect selection of candy gift ideas for her students that she could customize in minutes.

She decided on personalized Valentine candy packages of cello bags filled with a 20-flavor mix of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Each of the Valentine treats could be easily personalized with clipart, so she chose a cute heart design as a background image. Next, these Valentine Day treats were customized for each student with three lines of text in her favorite font noting a special message from Diana. She knew these personalized Valentine's candy gifts of yummy Jelly Belly jelly beans would be a hit with her young students.

Brittany wanted Valentine's Day treats for school friends, too, so she clicked through the fun choices and chose three Jelly Belly tins and decided on Bubble Gum Jelly Belly jelly beans to fill them. To make them personalized Valentine’s candy gifts, she easily uploaded a group photo of her and her three BFFs as a background image. And naturally for these Valentine treats, she added the following text to each gift: Best Friends Forever.
Products 1 - 1 of 2

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