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Candy Fun Packs & Assorted Jelly Beans for Kids

Fun Packs of Candy for Kids & Jelly Beans Packages for Children

Don't miss candy fun packs at the Jelly Belly Candy Company for tasty bulk candy for kids. Pick up cases of assorted candy bags including our pyramid-shape bags of jelly beans in a 6.5 lb case. This kids candy is popular with youngsters, of course, and these jelly beans are also a hit with adults because the candy is fat free. When wanting candy for children - and those who enjoy life like children - try our scrumptious assorted kids candy.

Our candy fun packs feature OU Kosher jelly beans, allowing more people to enjoy this candy. Reach for cases of assorted candy bags such as a 320 count case containing .35 oz bags of jelly beans. This kids candy is delectable and gluten free, so the assorted kids candy is especially popular. When it comes to candy for children, sample this bulk candy for kids in fun flavors such as Very Cherry and Buttered Popcorn.

Candy packs don't get more exciting and delicious than our bulk jelly beans for children. Find cases of assorted candy bags with 10 or 20 delightful flavors that please kids and adults alike.

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Enjoy giving candy fun packs to children - especially assorted candy bags of jelly beans that are not only delicious, but also OU Kosher, gluten-free candy.

Candy fun packs from the Jelly Belly Candy Company make great party favors and everyday treats. Try our cases of assorted candy bags when you want gluten free bulk candy for children. Enjoy kids candy in pyramid shape bags with 10 flavors of jelly beans such as Buttered Popcorn and Very Cherry. When serving candy for children, you'll also find parents and grandparents love this candy.

Our candy fun packs include a 320 count case of .35 oz bags containing chewy jelly beans. These delightful cases of assorted candy bags feature 20 flavors from Orange Sherbet to Bubble Gum. This kids candy mix is popular assorted candy because the jelly beans are scrumptious and fat free. Candy for children doesn't get more fun and tasty than this bulk candy.

Candy fun packs from the Jelly Belly Candy Company are fun to send to school. Cases of assorted candy bags offer so many choices that everyone can locate favorite flavors. Find kids candy packs that make a splash with young people who like fruity tastes, because our 20-flavor packs include Green Apple and Juicy Pear jelly beans. Put this candy for children in a basket along with gummi candy for a treat.

Our candy fun packs contain OU Kosher jelly beans, so more people can enjoy this candy. Pick up cases of assorted candy bags when you're throwing a party - or just to have on hand for neighborhood youngsters. Our kids candy is so tasty that grownups enjoy this bulk candy as well. Give birthday candy for children such as jelly beans and chocolate candy, and you'll be delighted with the response.

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