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Select cantaloupe candy at the Jelly Belly Candy Company in 16 oz. re-sealable bags or 10 lb. boxes. These bulk jelly beans are popular for parties because the chewy candy is OU Kosher and gluten free. The fruit flavored candy, made with real cantaloupe juice, brings to mind the joys of summertime. Don't miss this orange colored candy at our online store if you're in the market for mouthwatering peanut free candy.

Our cantaloupe candy not only tastes like summer, but these chewy jelly beans are also OU Kosher, fat free and gluten free. Stock up on bulk jelly beans, and your neighbors will stop by to visit more often.

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Reach for our cantaloupe candy when you want tasty OU Kosher jelly beans that are also fat free and gluten free.

Try cantaloupe candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company in re-sealable 16 oz. bags that are perfect for bringing to work. Cantaloupe bulk jelly beans are available in 10 lb. boxes, too - just right for a birthday party. This fruit flavored candy at our bulk candy store is made with real cantaloupe juice from concentrate. Snap up the orange colored candy to have plenty of gluten free jelly beans for guests.

Cantaloupe candy from our online candy store features fat free jelly beans, so you can enjoy these treats without guilt. The bulk jelly beans are also OU Kosher candy, which allows more people to partake. Choose this fruit flavored candy, and neighborhood kids will line up for a taste of the chewy candy. The orange colored candy, which is peanut free, numbers about 400 beans per pound.
Products 1 - 2 of 2