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Sunkist Fruit Candy & Citrus Mix Candy

Sunkist Candy, Sunkist Jelly Beans & Sunkist Citrus Mix Candy

Sunkist® candy is made with real fruit pectin for a fantastic juicy taste like no other. Our Sunkist fruit candy offers classic American candy in many flavors for the perfect assortment. Choose Sunkist jelly beans in individual and bulk candy sizes. Our Citrus Mix is especially popular, because this mix has five delicious fruit flavors, and the candy comes in convenient 16 oz. bags.

Sunkist candy isn't only scrumptious, but this candy is also peanut free and gluten free so more people can enjoy the yummy taste. Sunkist fruit candy is also certified OU Kosher, as a plus. Enjoy Sunkist jelly beans, which are fat free and contain vitamin C. Select a Citrus Mix, or bags with individual flavors such as Lemon, Lime, Orange and Tangerine jelly beans.

Try Sunkist candy and feel your taste buds explode with tangy flavor. Our Sunkist fruit candy is made with pectin and is 100% fat free.

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Taste our Sunkist candy that is mouth-watering delicious, and we bet you won't be able to stop with just one.

Sunkist® candy is made with real fruit pectin for candy that you can't stop eating. This Sunkist fruit candy comes in five delicious flavors and is packaged in convenient 16 oz. bags. Our Sunkist jelly beans are made with devotion to quality, so this candy is always popular. Our Citrus Mix includes tangy Sunkist Lime, Sunkist Lemon, Sunkist Pink Grapefruit, Sunkist Orange and Sunkist Tangerine.

Try our Sunkist candy that has been a favorite for 30 years at our candy store. With this Sunkist fruit candy, you get mouth-watering flavor and vitamin C to boot. Our delicious Sunkist jelly beans are a hit with adults and kids, who all enjoy these conveniently sized candy bags. You'll find our Citrus Mix, including bulk candy and bulk jelly beans, at the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

Sunkist candy isn't only scrumptious, but this candy is also certified OU Kosher, as a bonus. Try our Sunkist fruit candy in individual packages or as bulk candy you can have on hand whenever you need it. Sunkist jelly beans are gluten free and peanut free, which means more people can savor these jelly beans. Along with our Sunkist Citrus Mix, try our other fabulous selections such as chocolate candy and licorice candy.

Sunkist candy is fat free so you can enjoy this candy without any guilt. Our Sunkist fruit candy makes you feel like you're eating real fruit. Enjoy Sunkist jelly beans and other fine products such as Gummi Bears, which come as regular and Sugar-Free candy. Whether you choose Citrus Mix or bulk jelly beans in single flavors, you'll be delighted with our sweets!
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