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Reach for Confection Candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company whenever you're in the mood for delicious OU Kosher sweets. Our candy in bulk includes 10 lb. bags of mellocreme candy such as Peas and Carrots. Hot Gummi Bears are a big hit, too - especially because this gummi candy is gluten free so more folks can partake. Fans of cinnamon candy will be in heaven with Unbearably HOT Cinnamon Bears ®.

Our Confection Candy includes treats from candy fruit snacks to sour neon gummi worms. With candy in bulk, you'll always have enough to feed neighborhood children or to fill the candy bowls at work. Hot Gummi Bears are some of our most popular gummi candy, so give these sizzlers a try. Whether you love cinnamon candy or chewy fruit candy, you've come to the right place for fresh, delicious taste.

With our Confection Candy, you can choose your favorites such as hot Gummi Bears or Candy Corn mellocremes. Snap up candy in bulk so you can keep your cupboards filled with these tasty OU Kosher sweets.

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Our Confection Candy is simply scrumptious, whether you choose hot Gummi Bears, mellocreme candy or candy fruit snacks.

Try Confection Candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company for the tastiest treats you can imagine. Fans snap up candy in bulk because they love everything from our chewy gummi candy to our melt-in-your-mouth mellocreme candy. Hot Gummi Bears are a big hit with all generations. Lovers of cinnamon candy especially adore these Unbearably HOT Cinnamon Bears ®.

Our Confection Candy is gluten free so more people can enjoy these popular sweets. Don't miss candy in bulk such as 10 lb. bags of yummy Candy Corn or candy fruit snacks. Hot Gummi Bears come in 2.3 lb cases packed as 12 individual 3 oz. bags - just right for party favors. This spicy cinnamon candy packs a serious punch, and the Gummi Bears are OU Kosher as a bonus.

Confection Candy from the Jelly Belly Candy Company includes chewy fruit candy such as Peach Rings and Wiggle Worms. Try candy in bulk to bring to the office. Hot Gummi Bears in a candy bowl on your desk will ensure that colleagues stop by often. Along with this cinnamon candy, give mellocreme candy and sour neon gummi worms as fun birthday gifts to co-workers.

Serve our Confection Candy, and you'll be delighted at the response. With candy in bulk, you're certain to find yourself the hit of the neighborhood. From hot Gummi Bears to Chocolate Malt Balls and Cherry Sours, we have something for everyone. Whether you choose cinnamon candy or sour neon gummi worms, you'll love the high quality and exceptional taste of our sweets.
Products 33 - 48 of 79