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Candy games are perfect for parties and other gatherings. Our BeanBoozled® game will keep everyone laughing and chewing. This jelly bean game has kids and adults guessing because they don't know whether they'll get nice or nasty flavored jelly beans. In the Jelly Belly game, Canned Dog Food jelly beans look just like Chocolate Pudding ones, and Skunk Spray looks like Licorice.

In our candy games, players spin a dial and have to eat jelly beans that match the color where the spinner lands. The BeanBoozled game is such a hoot because you can't tell the difference between delicious jelly beans and weird flavored jelly beans - at least, until you eat them! With this jelly bean game, players might get a Centipede jelly bean or a Strawberry Jam jelly bean of the same color. The Jelly Belly game candy is OU Kosher candy, peanut free candy and gluten free candy.

Our candy games will have kids guessing whether their bean is Moldy Cheese or Caramel Corn before they bite into it. With BeanBoozled candy, every bite is a tasty mystery.

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Our candy games will have kids roaring with laughter while they guess between weird and wonderful.

With BeanBoozled® candy games, players will be guessing between nasty and nice. BeanBoozled offers up 20 flavors, 10 of which are weird and 10 of which are our delicious beans. Our jelly bean game keeps it interesting by making nasty bean flavors and delicious bean flavors the same color. Only our Jelly Belly game makers know which are nasty and which are nice.

Kids love our candy games that offer players lookalike jelly beans that taste quite different: Canned Dog Food flavor vs. Chocolate Pudding or Skunk Spray vs. yummy Licorice. BeanBoozled is a must-have from the Jelly Belly Candy Company. With the jelly bean game from our candy store, you can relax knowing that your kids are having a great time. Our Jelly Belly game will keep players guessing for hours.

In our candy games, nasty jelly bean flavors that include Canned Dog Food and Barf make the action fun. When you play BeanBoozled, these nasty flavored jelly beans will keep everyone's taste buds on high alert. In this jelly bean game with nasty flavors such as Rotten Egg and Booger, weird flavored jelly beans take on a whole new meaning. Play our Jelly Belly game, and enjoy jelly beans that are certified OU Kosher, peanut free and gluten free.

With these candy games, you'll have a blast getting grossed out by nasty jelly bean flavors like Centipede and Baby Wipes. BeanBoozled features fat free jelly beans, and each jelly bean has only 4 calories. The jelly bean game is popular with all generations, as long as everyone can handle weird flavored jelly beans. Our Jelly Belly game will keep you coming back for more!